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What is hipaa certificate

what is hipaa certificate


 HIPAA Certificate Report


The HIPAA Certificate Report enables you to generate the "Certificate of Creditable Coverage" for employees and their dependents who are entitled to this document under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

In order to issue a HIPAA certificate for an employee, his/her health benefits enrollment must have been terminated

  • To access this report from the main SAP menu choose: Human Resources → Personnel management → Info System → Reports→ Administration US→ Compliance → HIPAA Certificate Report.
  • On the report screen, enter the selection criteria for the employee or group of employees who require the Certificate of Creditable Coverage, and then choose execute. The print dialog box appears.
  • Specify a printing device, and then choose Print .

    Kathryn Meyers, insurance salesperson for ACME Casualty, terminates her employment with the company. Since Kathryn's health insurance coverage is cancelled when she leaves the company, the HR administrator at ACME uses the HIPAA Certificate Report to produce a "Certificate of Creditable Coverage", which provides information about her health insurance coverage history under ACME's benefit plan

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