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What Is HR Certification?

what is hr certification

The Society for Human Resource Management provides human resources certification. Each level of certification proves the mastery of essential skills and knowledge in the human resources profession.

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Professional in Human Resources

The PHR certification requires between one and four years of human resource experience in a profession setting. The exam covers a variety of workforce- and employment-related topics including benefits, risk management and employee relations.

Senior Professional in Human Resources

The SPHR certification is similar to the PHR, but is for management-level human resource professionals. The certification exam focuses on designing and planning HR policies.

The eligibility requirements for the SPHR are between four and seven years professional HR experience.

Global Professional in Human Resources

The GPHR certification is for human resource professionals who manage policies across national borders. To be eligible for the GPHR certification exam, the human resource professional must have two to four years working with a company that has locations in multiple countries.

California Certification

The California Certification requires an additional exam that a profession can attempt after receiving an SPHR or PHR certification. This certification focuses on employment laws and issues relevant to human resource professionals working in California.

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