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What is IATA's ISAGO certification?

what is iata certification

IATA's Safety Audit of Ground Operations (ISAGO) programme is an internationally recognised system for assessing the operational management and control systems of an organisation that provides ground handling services for airlines. ISAGO is based on industry-proven quality audit principles and is structured to ensure a standardised audit with consistent results across aviation businesses.

As the businesses of ground services providers are so diverse; ranging from airside passenger transport and baggage handling to load control and cargo handling, the ISAGO approach combines a framework of audit standards (suitable for all Ground Services Providers) with specific standards for each individual activity. This enables the ISAGO audit to be utilised by ground handling companies of all sizes from a single station to multinational enterprises.

IATA's ISAGO registration scheme aims to offer ground handling and airport businesses the following benefits:

  • Safer ground operations, fewer accidents and injuries
  • Elimination of redundant audits from airlines
  • Reduced costs: less damage and less audits
  • Uniform audit process and harmonised standards
  • Improved safety oversight
  • Harmonized auditor training and qualifications
  • Improved quality standards
  • Enhanced understanding of high risk areas within ground operations

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