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What is ib certificate

what is ib certificate

What Is the MYP Certificate?

The MYP Certificate. a document certifying a student's individual performance in the MYP, is formal recognition that the student has accomplished all of the following:

  • Participated in the MYP in grades 9 and 10
  • Successfully completed all eight MYP Subject Groups. including Math III (Algebra II) and two consecutive years of Language B

  • In each Subject Group, earned at least 2 points (of 7 possible); this score is based on a combination of Portfolio assessment and the semester grades for that Subject Group

  • Earned at least 3 points (of 7 possible) in the assessment of his or her Personal Project

  • Earned a total of at least 36 points

    (of 63 possible) in the assess-ment of his or her Subject Group Portfolios and Personal Project

  • Contributed 30 hours of community service in grades 9 and 10

    Class grades are not the final determining criteria for the Certificate. For example, it is possible -- though not likely -- for a student to earn a high score on a Student Portfolio assessment without earning a high grade in the class. There are no exit exams required for the Certificate.

    Students who earn the Certificate receive a gold seal on their high school transcript, and a cover letter describing the MYP accompanies the student's transcript. Students who do not earn the Certificate are eligible to earn either a Record of Achievement with Distinction or a Record of Achievement.

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