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What is insurance marketing

what is insurance marketing

Online Insurance Marketing

Opportunity is Knocking

Online marketing has transformed most every industry, and the insurance industry is certainly not immune. If you look at this as a game-changing opportunity as we do, you’ll agree that the prospect of making a killing through online insurance marketing has never been better!

For a number of years a traditional approach including advertisements, yellow pages, and word of mouth was somewhat effective. But today’s consumer is spending less time reading the local paper and spending more time online. Insurance agents that recognize this shift can still get out in front of the curve and take advantage of the changing habits of your target market.

To reach your target audience, you need to rethink your marketing strategy and integrate new online tactics such as local search optimization. social marketing. and content marketing into your marketing mix.

A Personalized Approach

We’ll work with your insurance agency one-on-one to determine the best approach on how to reach your marketing objectives. For some, the objective may be awareness or retention,

for others it might be new business or new markets. Regardless of what yours may be, we can design and implement a program to achieve the results you’re looking for through one or more online marketing tactics.

A Choice of Solutions

Achieving your objectives can be accomplished through a number of online tactics and platforms. A website optimized for search may work for some, while a social marketing (or as we like to call it “online referral marketing”) approach may be best for others. Yet to reach your agency’s insurance marketing objectives, an email marketing program coupled with online ads might be the right approach. One thing you can count on, we’ll consider all the options available and create a strategy that meets your agency’s interests, and talents.

Get Started Today!

There’s never been a better time to get started than now. Whether you already have a marketing plan in place and need some help, or you’re ready to start from scratch.

We would love the opportunity to be your Insurance Marketing Partner!

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