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what is inward reinsurance

As challenging market conditions push insurers to underwrite more extensive risk portfolios and venture into new products and lines of business, reinsurance agreements continue to grow in importance. By effectively protecting the capital of a company, properly-employed reinsurance arrangements ensure that business goals can remain an organization’s first priority. However, risk classification, risk placement, recovery of delinquencies and cash flow maintenance hamper many insurers’ efforts to improve their reinsurance systems.

client challenges

  • E merging from a period of low premium growth Mitigating the risk of offering customers comprehensive protection Overcoming soft underwriting conditions Protecting risk portfolios against catastrophic exposures and random fluctuations Opening new growth opportunities through improved risk management Integrating reinsurance solutions with existing technology Maintaining standards across varied regulatory environments Scaling reinsurance solutions to meet future needs Providing insurers with a viable alternative to new risk management products

what tCS provides 

TCS’ consultants possess an in-depth understanding and the broad expertise necessary to implement customized and innovative solutions

to the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance companies across application development, support, maintenance and enhancement.

Our solutions address the entire spectrum of business needs, including the following:


  • Underwriting
  • Contract Management
  • Claims Management
  • Brokerage
  • Billings & Receivables
  • Technical Accounting
  • Additionally, TCS’ conceptual frameworks, process models and other assets act as accelerators to implement end-to-end business solutions in both the primary and reinsurance sectors. In reinsurance, these include the following:

    • Reinsurance Process Prints
    • Reinsurance Analytics
    • Reinsurance Business Services

    With these end-to-end solutions, TCS helps you with the functionality to manage all aspects of reinsurance in an integrated manner.

    business value

    • Swift processing of settlement and payment transactions
    • Easy report generation
    • Increased security and greater control over operations
    • Automation of key business processes within a workflow
    • Transition into a paperless office, with reduced billing and collection cycle times

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