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How does att phone insurance work

how does att phone insurance work

how does mobile phone insurance work?

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Vanne 03 Jun 2009

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Don't bother, at 10 per month - that's 120 per year.

OK, it might be useful for an iPhone but not a crappy $100 phone.

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hill60606 05 Jun 2009

The information is available in brochures and online, the staff in stores are only able to give general advice and refer to the website or brochure, the insurance policy is a very specific legal document and store staff are not qualified to give opinions.

Things like leaving a phone unattended on a table in a pub and coming back to find it gone is not covered, just like leaving your keys in your car and it gets stolen or leaving the front door of your house open and it gets burgled would not be covered by their respective policies.

The best way to lodge a claim is online it tells you what's covered, what's not and what you need to do to lodge a claim,

ringing up is not as easy as you can be stuck on hold for a long time, particularly on Mondays after the weekend.

ok, iam with vodafone, and i got the insurance on my phone/month. The dude wsnt real forthcoming with what was and what isnt covered.

so can someone give me a run down on whats covered and if covered, do you get a new phone, or replacement old/2nd hand stock?

For eg: is it covered if?

I accidently drop it, and the screen smashes?

I accendently drop it and the case smashes?

I bend over to wipe my ass on the dunny and my phone drops outa my pocket into the dunny/pisser?

I accidently sit on it on a bar stool and the thing bends and stops working?

The phone stops responding/keypad/touch screen doesnt repond?

The phone stereo plug outlet is busted?

Whats the go? there seems to be a lot of hush/secrecy around the insurance policy. can someone please explain?

cheers and thanks.

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