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What is isf certification

The ISF has been helping video manufacturers, dealers and integrators deliver superior image quality since 1994. Over 5000 dedicated attendees have been through our certification programs.

Each ISF attendee and calibrator has obtained certification because they are driven to deliver the best possible images to their clients. We salute their dedication and we are proud of their accomplishments in helping us to elevate the quality of digital imaging worldwide.

2010 represents a milestone for ISF. ISF manufacturing partners have advanced HDTV calibration features to the point where we can launch LEVEL II training for advanced calibration. All sessions will now incorporate LEVEL II trainings for ISF certification.

ISF LEVEL I curriculum has covered, and continues to cover Global Standards, 3D mathematical imaging models, front panel controls, two point color balance, an introduction to color management as well as basic video processing, aspect ratios, the 3x3 component/RGB Matrix, HD and SD decoding, and a step by step calibration process. We also focus on design as well as calibration of front

projection with multiple screen technologies and deploying the correct colorimeter for specific applications.

ISF LEVEL II is for graduates of ISF Certification and those attending a combined I and II program. LEVEL II focus is a hands on approach to ISF software guided solutions for advanced calibration, plus system parameters including: EEDID /HDMI verification, 3D color management, multipoint color balance, optimizing multiple processing engines, system building diagnosis, Gamma/EOTF, advanced Gamut matching/distortion/manipulation, and other recent innovations.

ISF certification brings together attendees from many different backgrounds. We see home theater enthusiasts and HDTV manufacturing product managers, gaming creators and broadcast executives, and many A/V dealers and distributors. Each will come away with an excellent perspective on delivering professional services for accurate and dependable electronic imaging.

Highly specialized test equipment is required to calibrate displays to multiple system standards. We will have various test equipment at our sessions for you to work with. If you already own test equipment, please bring it with you to work with and to compare it to reference gear.

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