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What is isr insurance

what is isr insurance

Overview of ISR

Insurance Services Resource, LLC is a highly specialized firm offering

consulting and support services in all areas of risk transfer, risk retention

and comprehensive risk management. It was created for the purpose of protecting

the assets of it’s client by evaluating risks, then designing and implementing

plans of risk management pursuant to the evaluation findings. Traditionally,

existing standardized methods of risk control were sold to every business (i.e.

By first researching the client’s specific field of involvement or business activity, then

engaging the client in an open dialogue wherein we discuss all facets of their operation,

we are able to better understand the clients exposures, goals, and needs. This open dialogue


is the beginning of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) holistic approach to

loss prevention and/or loss mitigation.

Once we have an adequate understanding of the clients overall operational exposures

and goals, our team of experienced specialists design a plan of action. Because no two

businesses are the same, and no two owners have the same goals, each ERM plan is

client specific and no “off the shelf” or “canned” responses are utilized. R esults are monitored,

shared with the client, and if needed the plan is refined to reflect newly disclosed deficiencies or

changes in the way the client does business. The client is made an active participant in the

elimination or management of exposure to loss.

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