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What Is ISV Certification?

what is isv certification

With an ISV certification, your software and application company can increase sales and improve marketing strategies. Obtaining this certification will mean that your knowledge and skills have been tested and ready for use. Keep reading to learn more about ISV certification and how it can benefit you. Schools offering Application Development degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What is ISV?

An independent software vendor, or ISV, is a specialized company that creates and/or sells software. If you own one of these companies, you could work with larger computer and software companies to gain ISV certification that will show your computer applications and solutions are ready to be placed on the market. Programs are available to help you gain certification and provide you with marketing tips and sales resources.

Microsoft ISV Certification

Microsoft has a Silver and a Gold Independent Software Vendor competency that they offer for ISVs. Microsoft bases their certification and the requirements on customer needs. To earn the silver competency, you will have to demonstrate that your application or solution can pass one of seven Microsoft application tests. Such tests include Microsoft's Windows 7 Platform Ready test or Microsoft's Windows 7 Logo test.

In addition to passing one of Microsoft's tests, you also have to provide three references from your customers who have used and tested the application or solution; these need to be a business application used by at least five people. Your references must indicate that the project was completed within the last year.

Microsoft's gold competency is similar to the silver, but will show your clients that the application or software passed 'rigorous' testing, based on Microsoft's standards. Your application must pass one of four tests. Instead of providing three references, you must provide five and participate

in the CSAT (customer satisfaction) index. With both competencies, there are membership fees involved, in addition to revenue requirements that must be met with the gold standard.

Partnership Programs

Dell offers the Independent Software Vendor Partner Program, which is designed to make application and solution management easier for you or your organization. By partnering with Dell, you could better provide applications and solutions that meet your clients' needs, increase your credibility and improve sales. You could be a registered, preferred or premier member.

To be a registered partner, you need to have a valid reseller certificate and a website for your company with an e-mail account. Preferred status additionally involves obtaining at least one certification in server, systems management, security and networking, or cloud services. You also have to meet minimum sales requirements.

The premier status involves meeting the registered requirements plus having at least two certifications, completing a Dell training course, meeting sales requirements and agreeing to have the premier partner logo on your website.

A second partner program to consider is the Red Hat Partner Program, which includes the ready, advanced and premier levels of partnership. Red Hat's program is designed to help ISVs who want to resell or certify applications on Red Hat platforms. You can specialize in platform infrastructure or JBoss Middleware. Depending on the level of partnership, benefits include using the Red Hat logo, having subscriptions to applications, access to online information, attending events and receiving discounts on training and materials. To obtain a membership level, you must apply to Red Hat, be in good standing every year and self-certify your applications.

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