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What is jcaho certification

what is jcaho certification

What is JCAHO?

JCAHO is an abbreviation for Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. It is an organization made up of individuals from the private medical sector to develop and maintain standards of quality in medical facilities in the United States. The JCAHO has no official connection to United States government regulatory agencies, and has no legal enforcement power; however, since many medical facilities rely on JCAHO accreditation procedures to indicate to the public that their particular institution meets quality standards, JCAHO and its policies has taken on a real importance in the medical field, despite the lack of official government sanction.

JCAHO publishes a large body of literature designed to improve the quality of health services, and which can aid in the accreditation process for a health care facility. Although it is not necessary for any given health care organization to apply for, or complete, the JCAHO accreditation process, to do business in the United States or elsewhere, the successful completion of the JCAHO accreditation process gives the impression to the public that a facility has successfully implemented guaranteed quality control standards. A facility which has completed the JCAHO accreditation process can then include the JCAHO logo and

accreditation information in their company literature.

The JCAHO web site can be found at

Is Medical Specialties JCAHO-accredited?

Medical Specialties, as a distributor of medical equipment, is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, a government agency with strict regulations, backed by federal laws, which closely monitors all equipment processes developed and used by Medical Specialties. The FDA can and does inspect any Medical Specialties facility at their own convenience at whatever time and for whatever reason they choose. Because Medical Specialties is regulated by the FDA, and because we have no direct patient contact, Medical Specialties chooses not to be subject to regulation or inspection by the Joint Commission.

However, Medical Specialties is aware of the standards by which the JCAHO judges our customers, and has developed a number of processes by which we can help our customers pass their accreditation inspections by JCAHO, as they relate to the equipment and services provided by Medical Specialties. These include:

  • Device Incident Tracking and Reporting Systems
  • Equipment Selection, Delivery and Maintenance Procedures
  • Emergency Delivery Services
  • 24-7 Technical Support
  • Device Tracking Information
  • Equipment Testing, Inspection, Preventive Maintenance, and Repair

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