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What is marriage certificate

what is marriage certificate

Marriage Certificate and Proof of Marriage

What is the marriage registration form?

The marriage commissioner, judge, justice of the peace, prothonotary or religious representative who performs the wedding ceremony will assist in completing the Marriage Registration form. The personal information on this form is usually completed in advance of the wedding ceremony . This is the legal document that both of you and your witnesses will sign at the end of the ceremony. It is also signed by your officiant.

It is the officiant's responsibility to ensure the form is completed accurately. Within seven days of the marriage, the officiant must provide the completed statement to the Vital Statistics Office to ensure that a marriage is legally registered in the province.

What is the solemnization of marriage certificate?

A memento certificate is provided to you by the officiant at the conclusion of the ceremony. This signed Certificate of Solemnization of Marriage names the parties and the date and place of the marriage. It is not legal proof of marriage.

You must apply for a Marriage Certificate through Vital Statistics as legal proof of marriage.

What is a marriage certificate?

A marriage certificate is issued by a provincial/territorial Vital Statistics Office after the marriage has been registered. It is the legal document for proof of marriage that contains:

  • birthdates and birth places,
  • date of marriage,
  • place of marriage,
  • marriage registration number
  • date of registration
  • A marriage certificate can only be issued from the province where your marriage is registered (where you got married).

    How do I obtain a marriage certificate?

    At your marriage licence appointment, you will be asked if you would like to apply for a marriage certificate. The certificate will be sent to you following the wedding ceremony and registration of your marriage. If you choose not to apply at that time, you may apply using the application below. Applications are not accepted by fax or email.

    Who can apply

    for a marriage certificate?

    • a person named on the certificate
  • a parent whose name appears on the registration from which the certificate is to be issued
  • a spouse of a person whose name apperars on the registration from which the certificate is to be issued
  • a person on the authorization, in writing, of the person named in the certificate or of the parents or spouse of the person named in the certificate;
  • lawyer acting for a person named on the certificate (must have written authorization or proof of retainer)
  • a person on the order of a court
  • What is a Certified Copy of Registration of Marriage?

    A certified true copy of registration of marriage is a copy of the record (registration of marriage form) you signed at the wedding ceremony, in the presence of your witnesses. It contains detailed information about the marriage and signatures of both parties, witnesses and the officiant. It is the document your Officiant submitted to Vital Statistics to legally register your marriage. For this purpose, the Registration of Marriage Form is printed on secure stock and certified to be a true copy .

    This document is rarely required as evidence of marriage. Most requests are made by individuals who are moving or planning to work internationally and must show proof of marriage upon entering that country.

    NOTE: It is important to confirm with the individual you are doing business with, what information they require prior to making your request to Vital Statistics.

    Who can apply for a Certified Copy of Registration of Marriage?

    • a party to the marriage (the individuals who were married),
  • a person on the authority in writing of a party to the marriage,
  • a lawyer acting for a party to the marriage,
  • the legal representative of a party to the marriage, or
  • court order
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