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MCT Microsoft Certified Trainer with Suki Reed

what is mct certification

MCT: Microsoft Certified Trainer

Become MCT Certified with PrepMasters!

To qualify for MCT certification you must provide evidence of your instructional expertise to Microsoft by achieving one of the following certifications:

MCT 2 Day Workshop in Irvine, CA

Learn training skills in beautiful Irvine, CA. The class includes a complete trainer skill set for beginning and advanced trainers. You will then film a 20 minute video to accelerate your skills and become a certified MCT trainer!

Microsoft approved Train-the-Trainer Certification for the Microsoft Certified Trainer.

MCT Distance Learning Programs

If you prefer to work at your own pace, PrepMasters offers two distance learning programs for the MCT Certification.

The Train-the-Trainer Online Learning program allows you to receive the same Microsoft Approved Train-the-Trainer Certification you would at the Irvine workshop- but from the comfort of your own home or office- on your own schedule.

In PrepMasters' CTT+ Distance Learning program,

you will work one-on-one via telephone and e-mail with a Master CTT+ instructor to create your training video for the VBT as well as study for the CTT+ CBT Exam.

What is MCT Certification?

An MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) is the only individual that Microsoft authorizes to deliver training that is based on Official Microsoft Learning Products known as Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) or Microsoft Dynamics Learning Products for the MCT program. The MCT certification is recognized by Technical Schools Worldwide.

Prepmasters MCT Brochure

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MCT Facts: The Microsoft Certified Trainer Program

The Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) Program is an annual renewal program. Each year in April, you are required to complete an online application, pay an annual fee, and meet a number of program requirements to renew your certification for the coming year. PrepMasters' will teach you valuable MCT trainer skills which will help you stay MCT certified.

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