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what is medicare plan f

If you carry this familiar Red, White, and Blue card, you are one of the millions of Americans who receive their health care benefits under the “Original Medicare” program. The benefits are fairly simple to understand. There are two parts to Original Medicare, Part A (Hospital), and Part B (Medical). You are free to use any hospital or doctor that accepts Medicare. You never need to get a referral to see a specialist.


If you are admitted to the hospital, you pay a deductible of $1,100. For the first 60 days, Medicare will pay 100% of all covered charges. After 60 days, you pay a daily deductible. It is extremely rare to be in the hospital more than 60 days. You will almost always be sent home, or to some type of Nursing Facility if you should still require care.


You pay a yearly deductible of $155 . After

this, Medicare will pay 80% of the “Approved Amount” for all covered charges. You pay 20% of the “Approved Amount”. You will also be required to pay 100% of the “Excess Charges", if the health care provider you are using does not accept what is known as an “Assignment” under Medicare.

On this website, we will showcase and explain the benefits offered by the Medigap "F Plan". For those covered under Original Medicare, the F Plan is overwhelmingly the favorite plan to enroll in. This is because out of all the plans, the F Plan offers the highest level of benefits to pay the Part A and Part B expenses left behind by Medicare.

There are currently 11 different Medigap policies to choose from when selecting a plan to help pay the deductibles and coinsurances not paid by Original Medicare. Selecting the right plan can limit or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for services provided under Original Medicare when you are sick or hurt.

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