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what is mediclaim insurance

Hi Dilip,

Mediclaim Policy means coverage of employess on health or medical ground upto a certain limit in a year..

Actually it facilitates employees with free medical check ups and other medical emergency completely free upto a certain limit.

So many Insurance companies are providing the same. those covered under this policy or scheme get an Health Card and list of network Hospitals where hospitalisation is completely free upto the limit given. even one may get hospitalised in non-network hospital. and can reimburse the same in actual on producing the receipt of the expenses occurred..

Mostly those employees, who are not covered with ESI gets facilitated with this scheme..


Amit Seth.


Mediclaim Policy is an Insurance coverage wherein any

of your Health realted hospitalisation bills can be claimed from the insurance company. There are two different ways to get your bills claimed either by cashless facility i.e your bills are directly paid to the hospital or you can pay your bills in the hospital and get an reimbursement after submission of the same to the insurance company.

Major exclusions of the policy are. Pre existing diseases will not be covered

There are a couple of diseases which will not be covered on the 1/2 year depending on the company.

This is just a jist of mediclaim insurance. I am an insurance consultant located in chennai and doing both life and general insurance. For any clarification u can either post a topic or mail me on

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