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What is MCSE Certification Requirements

MCSE Certification Exam Guarantee

What is MCSE?

MCSE is the premier Microsoft certification program and is one of the most widely recognized, pursued, and obtained technical certifications in the IT industry. The MCSE certification proves your skills in managing backoffice computer systems and networks that run on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and other Microsoft software.

What is happening to old (pre Windows 2000) MCSE's?

All MCSE certifications based on the Windows NT operating system will be designated as "MCSE on Windows NT" indefinitely, reversing an earlier decision to expire one's MCSE credential if not updated before Dec. 31, 2001. Microsoft will designate Windows .NET Server, Windows XP, and Windows 2000-based MCSEs as "MCSEs on Microsoft Windows 2000."

Who is MCSE targeted for?

The MCSE certification is targeted at the following job functions that use Microsoft Windows and backoffice applications:

    Network administrators Network engineers Systems engineers Security analysts Email administrators Windows system administrators Microsoft website administrators/webmasters
Will I find a job/make more money if I earn my MCSE?

MCSE certified professionals are still in relatively high demand. The MCSE certification continues to be the most popular and sought after technical certification in the market today. There are over 450 000 MCSEs. MCSEs with three to nine years of experience have an average annual salary of £43000.

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Are there any prerequisites before starting MCSE training?

Microsoft recommends that candidates have at least one year experience implementing and maintaining a network operating system in a typical medium to large organization, one year experience implementing and maintaining desktop operating systems, and one year experience designing network architectures. Microsoft Certified Professionals Magazine's 2000 Salary Survey found that the average MCSE candidate had 5.9 years for experience while the average MCSE + Internet candidate had 7 years of experience.However, there are a number of courses available designed to help less advanced students get up to speed on Microsoft technologies and prepare for MCSE certification faster.

Are there different tracks? What's happening to MCSE+I Certification?

Microsoft has indicated that the MCSE+I (Internet) certification is being phased out and it was not offered with the MCSE 2000 certification.

How long does it take to prepare for MCSE certification?

According to Microsoft Certified Professionals Magazine, the average candidate in 1999 spent 361 hours preparing for the MCSE exams.

Can I upgrade/update my previous MCSE certification?

Microsoft offers an accelerated path that allows a candidate to become certified by passing four exams rather then the 7 normally required.

What benefit does Microsoft offer for MCSEs?

Microsoft offers a number of benefits to MCSEs, including use of the MCSE logo, discounts on software and training, and free access to additional online documentation and information. Please check with Microsoft for a list of current benefits.

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