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What is mill test certificate

what is mill test certificate

1) Go to Crane Supply's home page at . Click on the Material Traceability icon toward the middle of the page.

2) Click on the blue "Login" icon at the bottom of the page.

3) This will bring you to the MTR Online library website. Click on "To get a Username" and fill out the registration information. Your Username and Password will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.

4) Once received, type in your username and password to log into MetalTrace®. The website opens in "Quick Search" mode automatically.

5) Enter your search criteria. You can search by Heat Number* . Crane Product Code, or Product Description. Type the search criteria in the appropriate search box and click "Search Now" or press the "Enter" key.

6) The search results will show all available MTRs. Click on the "VIEW" button for the appropriate item to view the MTR document. You can Print, Email or Fax the report right from the web page!

If you are an e-commerce user, contact your Crane Supply customer

service representative at (416) 244-5351 and ask to setup MTR Hot-links for your account.

Unique to Crane Supply, our product codes are electronically linked to their corresponding MTR document. With Mill Test Reports archived with your bill of materials, Crane Supply eliminates the administrative burden of producing, distributing and filing paper versions of Mill certificates. To access MTR Hot-links through your online packing slips, follow these steps:

1) Log into your e-commerce account and click on the "Order Status" icon.

2) Click on the "Packing Slip" button at the top of the page. Choose to view the appropriate packing slip.

3) On the electronic packing slip, there is a column heading called "Heat # (MTR)". Choose a product and click on the associated Heat Number* (the number in red font that is underlined) to view the MTR document. You can Print, Email or Fax the report right from the web page!

Contact a Crane Supply sales representative to have MTRs faxed to you immediately. Ask us to include mill certificates for specific projects: we can include MTRs with subsequent shipments.

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