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What is nom certification

what is nom certification

NOM Certification

NOM (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas) is the Mexican symbol of the mandatory safety signs to indicate the product meets the requirements of NOM-related standards. NOM signs apply to most products, including telecommunications and information technology equipment, household electrical appliances, lamps and other health and safety of potentially dangerous products. Whether it is locally manufactured in Mexico or imported products, must comply with NOM-related product standards and provides Marking.

Under Mexican law, NOM side of the card holder must be the Mexican company, the quality of products, responsible for the maintenance and reliability. Test reports from accredited laboratories SECOFI issued by SECOFI, ANCE or NYCE audit, if the products meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, to manufacturers or exporters of Mexico awarded a certificate on behalf of, the product can be marked with signs NOM.

I. Preface

Germany Rhine Mexico and has been put together laboratory partners,

NOM number of products for certification testing of the safety

Mexico, there are two units can be issued to verify NOMMark

-NOMNYCE: verify the scope includes all electronic and information products and data

processing equipment, but does not include household appliances (except microwave ovens)

-NOMANCE: verify the scope of including all the electrical appliances and similar products (such as household electrical appliances)

IEC standards do not apply, the application of NOM standards

EMC test not done

Second, technical information

1. Mexico voltage 127V/60Hz

2. Plugs and plug the same as the United States. There are three connections for a head ClassI, another has two connectors for the ClassII. Plug the equipment itself will be tested together.

Third, Certification

Certificate valid for one year, the certificate can be updated annually

Update the certificate, subject to the prior random sampling from the market a product in order to sent to laboratories for testing

Product packaging must contain the following information: product name, brand name, model and verify signs NOM

Fourth, the document needs

CB test reports and certificates

Importer or distributor in Mexico of the name, address and contact

Test data, design drawings, specifications and schematics

Spanish Tags

Manual of the original Spanish

Importer or distributor of a sample additional documents required

Photocopy of the company power of attorney on the photocopy of company ID

Authorization information (PowerofAttorney)

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