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Difference between Creamy Layer and Non Creamy Layer? What is the base of it?

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Re: Difference between Creamy Layer and Non Creamy Layer? What is the base of it?

The term Creamy Layer is used to describe a certain members of the Other Backward Classes who are wealthier and better educated comparing to others who are considered non creamy layer.

The term creamy layer and non creamy layer was first used in the recommendation of the Sattanathan Commission in 1971. The commission came to a conclusion that creamy layer candidates of the OBC should not get any benefits from the central government pointing towards the reservation or quota as commonly known as, in the government jobs.

However the term was accurately defined by the Supreme Court of India that came to conclusion that only the weaker people of the OBC community should get the benefits by the central government and not the creamy layer candidates who are fared better and do not face the same social and economic backwardness as others.

Therefore Supreme Court came to the conclusion of excluding OBC children of following

from getting any benefits of reservation:

1. President of India

2. Supreme Court and High Court Judges

3. Public Sector Employee

4. State and Central govt employee above a certain post

5. Armed Forces and Paramilitary forces candidates above Colonel rank

OBC children of Chartered Accountant, doctor, lawyer, income tax consultant, film star, sports star, media person etc whose annual income is more than 450,000 is considerd as OBC creamy layer thus making them ineligible for the reservation.

OBC children of any family that earns more than Rs 450,000 from should not include salary and agricultural land income are also put in the category of creamy layer which excludes them from any benefits.

Those who do not meet these criteria and candidates belonging to OBC non creamy layer and would continue to enjoy the benefits provided by the central and state governments.

It should be remembered that creamy and non creamy layer is the term only for OBCs. It does not apply on the SC/ST candidates.

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