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What Is the Difference Between Standard & Nonstandard Insurance?

what is non standard insurance

A troubled driving history often dictates the need for a nonstandard insurance policy.

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Standard insurance is auto insurance available to drivers who are deemed to present the standard amount of risk, usually low-risk or average. Non-standard insurance is auto insurance designated for drivers deemed to be higher risk. Understanding the characteristics of each form of insurance is important when shopping for coverage.

Standard Insurance

Standard insurance is typically reserved for drivers with minimal traffic violations and accidents on their driving history. Standard insurance rates are cheaper than non-standard rates but can still vary widely among insurance companies within the state. Standard or "preferred" insurance, as it is sometimes called, provides other benefits and options as well. Perks such as higher repair coverage, higher mileage caps for specialty cars and coverage for when the car is being used for non-personal use are typically only available for preferred drivers under standard coverage.

Non-Standard Insurance

Non-standard insurance is

the alternative for drivers who don't qualify for standard insurance. Drivers with a driving history that suggests they are high risk usually can only get insured with non-standard insurance. Driving characteristics that include any combination of DUIs, accidents, a large number of claims, lack of driving experience, owning expensive cars or other serious driving incidents can put drivers into a high-risk category. Non-standard insurance is associated with higher premiums, which vary based on the amount of risk posed.

Insurance Providers

Standard insurance providers are mostly the major insurance companies you have already heard of. Non-standard insurance providers are completely separate companies. Although some major insurance companies do have affiliations or divisions that handle non-standard insurance, these are completely separate from the standard insurance portion of the company. Just because you do not qualify for standard insurance at one company does not mean you can not get standard insurance from another. Compare options at several companies before deciding on an insurer.

Additional Considerations

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