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How does Employment Insurance Work in Canada

Employment Insurance Canada

Posted On Thursday, August 20, 2015 By Jordan Smith. Under Insurance

In Canada, Employment insurance (EI) means help to Canadians as well as individuals financially on temporary basis when they have no job either due to their employment in seasonal work or deficiency of jobs in the market. So, basically if you lost your job because of any errors apart from yours then you can enjoy the benefits of employment insurance in Canada as well as ready and capable to work regularly but are not able to find any work.

Am I Eligible?

Apart from the above reason there are also a few other things which will help you be eligible to get the benefits of Employment Insurance. They are as follows:

  • You need to be employed at such a place which comes under the insurance part.
  • Regularly and continuously looking for new job, it is a must to keep an account of the employers you have been meeting for jobs.
  • You have been unemployed and have not received any pay since the last 7 days in the last 52 weeks time span.
  • Have worked for a particular number of insurable hours i.e. 420-700.

So if you think that all these points are followed by you then Yes, you are eligible for an Employment Insurance in Canada. But first just find out whether the place at which you are working is insurable or no.

The next thing to be kept in mind is as soon as you have

left your job and even if the employer has not issues Record of Employment still apply for it. If you do not apply within the 4 weeks of your last day at job there are chances f losing the EI benefits.

How to Apply?

Before you can enjoy the EI benefits you need to understand whether you are eligible or not; so for that submit an online application. You can do this work either at home or even access the site at public internet provider. Apart from this you can also visit a service Canada centre if you need any extra assistance.

To know whether your EI application is accepted or no you need to wait for about 28 days in which you will receive your 1 st payment. You can also check the application status online.

Important Documents to be submitted

For EI the most important document required is your Social Insurance Number (SIN) as well documents to prove your work permit and your immigration status.

You need to as well submit a Record of Employment (ROE) which proves that you have not been working and earning since the last 7 days so always collect it from your employer

So these are the main documents you need to submit apart from some regular ones like date of birth certificate, bank statement etc.

You can receive a maximum amount of $524/week under the Employment Insurance.

These are the important points to be kept in mind regarding the Employment Insurance in Canada.

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