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What is p7b certificate

what is p7b certificate

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TN 7915 - How do I create a PKCS#7 (.p7b) file with the full certificate chain?


How do I create a PKCS#7 (.p7b) file with the full certificate chain?

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In order to create your PKCS#7 file, you must have the original certificate or .cer file.

Follow these steps:

1 - Double click on the certificate .cer file to open it.

2 - Click the Certification Path tab. Make sure the full chain of the certificate is showing. There should be 3 or full levels depending on the type of certificate you have. If you are missing one of the intermediate

or root certificates, you can download them from our root pickup page You must add the missing certificates to your Windows certificate store, under either the Intermediate or Trusted Root Certification Authority Folder depending on the certificate.

3 - Once you have verified that the certificate contains the full chain, click the Details tab and click Copy to File .

4 - Complete the wizard. Make sure you select the option to "Include all certificates in path if possible" to include and the intermediate/root certificates.

5 - Open the .p7b file that is created to verify that all of the correct certificates were included.

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