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What is pac insurance

what is pac insurance

Primary Adult Care Program

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Primary Adult Care (PAC) is offered to individuals age 19 and over living in Maryland who are not eligible for Medicaid, yet still need health insurance and are unable to afford standard medical services. In operation since 2006, PAC provides primary care services to adults with limited earnings. To qualify, you cannot be on Medicare, and you must be either a single adult or a childless couple. This program provides members with free visits to a family doctor, outpatient mental health care (visits to a psychologist or psychiatrist), and prescription drugs for free or a low copay.

Enrolling in PAC is a great way to take care of yourself and prevent larger health problems from occurring. The program is designed to help adults in Maryland who need access to services

a doctor can provide, and be able to avoid unmanageable medical expenses. If you are afraid to get sick because you are afraid it will cost too much, applying for PAC may be a wise decision. PAC even covers emergency room visits if they are deemed a true medical emergency. This program helps a large number of Maryland adults, and continues to provide necessary health care services to those who could use some financial assistance to stay healthy.

PAC Eligibility

Maryland residents who qualify for benefits through PAC must meet the income limits specified below. This program is designed for individuals with income less than or equal to 116% of the Federal Poverty Level. Those who qualify will also be a citizen of the United States or a qualifying alien, and between the ages of 19 and 65 – therefore not eligible for Medicare.

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