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What is part 135 certification

what is part 135 certification


Single-Pilot Operator: Our Single-Pilot Operator website provides forms and examples for you to self-prepare FAA documentation in order to become a single-pilot Part 135 operator. Features include:

Single Pilot-in-Command: This is a step up from the single-pilot operator and allows up to three copilots to be used in the operation.

Basic 135 Operator: The Basic 135 Operator certificate is the same as Full 135 Operator; except, the Director of Operations and Chief Pilot can be

fulfilled by the same person. There is a limitation of no more than 5 pilots and no more than 5 aircraft. It is possible for a Full 135 Operator to get a waiver allowing the two positions to be combined thus alleviating the need for this level of certification.

Full 135 Operator:

Optional Authorization:

Fast Track:

Full 135 Air Carrier and be fully operational within weeks.

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