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What is pct certification

what is pct certification

Patient Care Technician Courses

Patient Care Assistants (PCA) also called Patent Care Technicians (PCT). carry out the routine work in the general tending of patients. They work under the guidance of the nursing and medical staff. Patient Care Assistant's duties depend on their training, experience, and type of healthcare facility. PCT are also known by titles such as nurse aide, nursing assistants, geriatric aides, hospital attendants, or patient care technician. The Certified Nursing Assistant ( CNA ) is the term used for those PCT who have completed state requirements for Patient Care Technician certification.

PCT often carry out the following procedures:

Assist patients unable to feed themselves
  • Prepare deliver food trays
  • Bathe provide nail care, grooming, and dress patients
  • Assist patient with walking
  • Re-position immobile patients to help prevent skin breakdown
  • Measure and record food and liquid intake and output
  • Assist patient to use bedpan and urinal
  • Assess and record vital signs and collect certain specimens
  • Make beds
  • Store, organize, and distribute treatment packs, medication trays, and other materials
  • Observe the patients mental, physical and emotional situation and report any changes to the medical or nursing staff
  • Other duties may include:

    • Helping the nursing and medical staff examine and treat patients and outpatients
    • Process patient documents and schedule appointments
    • Help patients and their families understand instructions given by medically trained staff

    The PCT may work in many health care settings including: clinics, home health, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, doctors' offices, public health agencies, and acute care hospitals.

    PCT that are employed in nursing homes are often the primary caregiver, having much more contact with the residents than any other staff members. Since some residents may stay in a nursing home or skilled nursing centers for months to many years or the remaining part of their life, it's important that the PCT can interact with them in a positive, caring way and develop a ongoing relationship.

    In patients' homes, the Patient Care Assistant generally provides daily

    living care and help with personal hygiene

    PCT are sometimes referred to patient care attendant or health care assistant, can also work in acute care hospitals and are often given extra training by the hospital to perform some of the following tasks:

    • Transport patients and equipment to and from different areas and departments in hospitals
    • Assist nurses with patients and, if necessary, help with restraining patients
    • Deliver equipment, such as oxygen tents and portable x-ray machines
    • Transport patients to and from areas such as operating and x-ray rooms
    • Sterilize, sanitize equipment and supplies

    What type of personality skills, knowledge should you have to succeed as a Patient Care Assistant:

    • Are you service oriented? do you actively looking for ways to help people
    • Do you have social perceptiveness? Empathy (understanding) Are you aware of others reactions and understand why they react the way they do?
    • Strength? Are you physically strong?
    • Are you a active listener? Are you a good listener and do you ask appropriate questions?
    • Are you service oriented? Do you know the processes for providing customer and personal services
    • Are you a good communicator? Do you have good comprehension? Are you good at convening your ideas thru verbal and written mediums?

    Industries that employ many PCT are nursing and skilled and assisted care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation care facilities, temporary agencies respite care, and home health care services. Assisted living facilities are a growing sector of personal care facilities. These facilities house the elderly in a home-like, independent setting and provide care fit to each resident’s level of need. Assisted Living Facilities, Homes-Residential Care, Nursing Homes, Retirement & Life Care Communities & Homes, Sanitariums, and Hospitals, convalescent homes are employers of Nurse Aides

    Florida Department of health lists patient care technician (PCT) Patient care assistants (PCA) as CNA that has a expanded nursing assistant role by having additional training in several laboratory areas, including EKG electro cardiogram. phlebotomy blood drawing from patients, with a introduction to physical therapy.

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