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What is pe certification

what is pe certification

Certification of Engineer in Training (EIT)

The term "Engineer-in-Training" defines a person certified by the State of Texas as one who is a graduate of an engineering program or related science curriculum approved by the Board and who has passed the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) eight-hour Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination.

Individuals who meet the above criteria are eligible to apply for Engineer-in-Training certification. The Engineer-in-Training certification does not entitle an individual to practice as a professional engineer.

NOTE: If you have obtained a Bachelor's or post-graduate degree in engineering or related science and have taken and passed the FE examination in Texas complete the Application for Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Certification form and submit it to our office along with the $15.00 fee. An official transcript verifying that an acceptable degree was conferred is required before the EIT certificate can be issued. Complete the Official Transcript Request Form and mail it to the university where you earned your engineering or related science degree. There may be a fee associated with the request, so we suggest you contact the university to inquire about possible fees before mailing the form. If your Bachelor's degree is of a curriculum that is not approved by the Board under §131.91, a complete evaluation will need to be provided with your application. (Click here for Foreign Credential Evaluation Services ) Do not mail the transcript request form/fee to the Board office. Documents submitted written in a language other than English must be accompanied by an English translation.

Upon receipt of your EIT application/fee and official college transcript/diploma reflecting the date your degree was conferred, and evaluation (if applicable)

you will be issued a Texas EIT certificate. If you are a student and have passed the FE examination, please do not apply for your EIT certificate until your degree has been CONFERRED.

Processing time varies depending on agency workload and completeness of the application. From receipt to issuance of a certificate may take from up to 4 weeks. We ask for your patience during periods of increased application submittals.

It should be noted that an EIT certificate is not required to apply for a professional engineer license in Texas.

PDF File of the Application for Engineer-in-Training Certification Form: click here .

PDF File of the Official Transcript Request Form: click here .

An EIT certificate expires eight years from the date of issuance and may be renewed.

PDF File of the Engineer-in-Training Certificate Renewal Form: click here .


Individuals who have taken and passed the FE examination in another state or who hold an Engineer-in-Training certification in another state may apply for their EIT status in Texas. In addition to the form and transcript requirements above, you must provide a verification of exam results.

Mail the Verification Form to the appropriate state board so that they can verify your original EIT status and/or passage of the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination. Please be advised that some Boards charge a fee for processing the Verification Form, so we suggest you contact that Board's office to inquire about possible fees before mailing the form.

PDF File of the Official Transcript Request Form: click here

PDF File of the F.E. Exam/EIT Verification Form: click here

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