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What is pmp certification

what is pmp certification

Why Get PMP Certified?

A PMP Certification from can lead to better visibility, opportunities, and jobs. In today's increasingly complex and highly specialized economy, credentials are everything. Even though you may have the skills to do the job, how do you convince potential customers and employers to hire you?

Certification can
  • Immediately improve your earning potential
  • Open the door to more opportunities for career advancement
  • Increase your job mobility and choices even in the face of a tough job market
  • Reach not only your short-term job goals, but also position yourself for success in your long-term career
  • Validate your knowledge and competence for potential employers and customers
  • Connect with an elite community of certified peers which may lead to further opportunities and connections
Getting a certification is hard work and requires significant personal and/or financial commitment. This is why certifications are so respected throughout professional communities. The more difficult a

certification is to obtain, the more respected and admired it becomes. Additionally, the more certifications an individual possesses, the more respect and admiration he/she is given. This respect and admiration, in most cases, is manifested in increased earnings, increased career opportunities, and increased peer respect. Although there are many certifications available, the basic steps to obtain certification are the same -- Study, Train, and Test.

With all certifications, you must study to pass the certification exam. The PMP Certification requires only one examination. The best way to pass the exam is to purchase excellent study tools. This may be purchasing a seat in a training class or purchasing a book online, you must take many practice exams to prepare and to predict whether you will able to pass the exam. provides PMP Certification practice questions, practice tests, mock exams, and PMP flashcards for you to study, gauge how well you know the material, and identify the areas in which you require more study.

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