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What is product classification

what is product classification


Knowing the Product Category should be easily obtaininable from the Applies To: listing in the KB article. For example, KB925876 applies to all Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems.

The Update Classification require a bit more intuition and deductive reasoning, however.

Security Updates - contains all updates related to a security situation. These updates will have an associated MSRC Security Bulletin.

Critical Updates - contains all updates related to system stability. These updates will generally be noted as "Critical" or "Important" in the KB article.

Updates - contains all other non-security non-critical updates, except

Update Rollups - which generally contains updates which are packages of collections of individual updates, packaged together for convenience.

Now, to be frank, you probably should be synchronizing all four of these update classifications on every WSUS Server anyway, and then the answer to your question as to what update classification you'd find KB925876 in, would be: "Check the WSUS Server

update listing." :)

If you're not synchronizing Updates or Update Rollups, and KB925876 is missing from your system, it's a fair assumption that it's actually in one of those two classifications. (In fact, it's in Updates .)

Generally, though, there's no current methodology for authoritatively determining the WSUS Update Classification for an update from the specific KB article for an update.

There is, however, a rolling KB article that contains a listing, by date, of all updates released to the WSUS environment for the current calendar year. For 2009, you'll find this in KB894199. Previous years can be found from links in that KB article. This KB article will tell you the specific update classification that an update has been released in for WSUS.

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