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What is quality certification

what is quality certification

As interest in performance-based specifications grows, companies in the ready mixed concrete industry must be able to provide confidence to design engineers that they have the proficiency and operate at a high level of quality to take on the responsibility to respond to these specifications. This certification has evolved from the NRMCA P2P Initiative. However, its use does not need restricted to this type of work. Establishing and following a well-defined Quality Management System improves the reputation of a concrete producer in the local market, improves its profitability by the ability to optimize concrete mixtures and deliver special types of concrete, and avoid quality and specification compliance problems on projects.

The NRMCA Quality Certification Program has been developed and will be maintained by the NRMCA’s Research Engineering and Standards Committee. The Certification Criteria and overall Program has been reviewed and approved by the NRMCA Board of Directors. The development has followed an iterative process of discussions with producer members, auditors and through a pilot program with two companies. This program was first released in September 2013. It is expected that certification criteria for this Quality Certification Program will evolve with time.

The first requirement is for a company to develop and manage a Quality Manual. A resource to concrete producers in developing their Quality Manual is available at:

The NRMCA Quality Certification Program establishes minimum criteria that should be covered in a Company’s Quality Manual. So producers seeking this certification should ensure that their Quality Manual covers the items in this Program. The Quality Manual typically describes procedures as general statements with general assignment of responsibilities to certain job functions.

The Applying Entity for certification can be:
the Company,
  • a Division of the Company, or
  • a smaller subsection of the Company.

  • The production

    facilities (plants) included in the Applying Entity should be listed in the application for certification.

    The premise of the NRMCA Quality Certification Program is that the Company maintains a Quality Manual and the Applying Entity follows the procedures stated in it. Section 1 of the submission requests portions of the Company’s Quality Manual. Sections 2-6 request specific procedures, documentation and names of personnel from the Applying Entity to verify that the Quality Manual is being followed.

    How to Obtain Certification
    Download a copy of the NRMCA Certification Criteria Document.
  • Review the Company’s Quality Manual to ensure it covers all aspects of the Certification.
  • Identify the production facilities to be included in the application.
  • Ensure that Applying Entity and each production facility maintains the procedures required in the Certification Criteria – this may need some changes to the Company’s Quality Manual.
  • Collect the information in the sequence of the Certification Criteria Document.
  • Identify each portion of the submission with the Section number reference.
  • Complete the application and submit the required documentation along with the fee for Certification.
  • The submission is required in two formats:
    Electronic copy (NRMCA will provide a means of transferring files)
  • Print copy in a binder (this will be forwarded to the Auditor)


    The submission from the Applying Entity is audited by an independent third party auditor selected by NRMCA. The selected auditors are familiar with ready mixed concrete operations and quality processes. The Audit is only of the documentation furnished with the submission. There is no physical site visit by the Auditor. The auditor may communicate with an individual at the Applying Entity for clarifications and additional documentation.

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