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What does the RTA and Qld Transport say about the Scooter Rack?

We've rung both Government departments a number of times over the last year and the answer is always the same, no problem. Of course there are rules that YOU the owner of the Scooter Rack must follow and they include:

  1. Drive sensibly and with safety
  2. Don't exceed your vehicles tow bar rating
  3. I believe the QT guideline will state:
The vehicle's rear overhang with the wheelchair/mobility scooter carrier attached must not exceed 80% of the vehicle's wheelbase or 3.70m, whichever is lesser.
  • If the Scooter Rack & the scooter sitting on it obstruct the lights (blinkers & brakes etc), you need to install a Light Kit to the Scooter Rack which is included in the package.
  • Make sure you install a number plate identifier to the back of the Scooter Rack. the light kit has a number plate light and holder.
  • ALWAYS tie down your scooter when it is sitting on the Scooter Rack. You can do this by using the strong FREE Strap that we provide in the box.
  • Take extra care when loading and unloading your scooter. Always look out for oncoming cars.
  • We've also taken the Scooter Rack to several Pink Slip inspection stations (just to confirm what the RTA is saying), and they confirm that there are NO special requirements needed to use a Scooter Rack. That's not to say that the responsible authorities won't change the rules in the years to come so with that in mind, ultimately, it's up to you to make sure that you comply with the

    road rules at all times.

    What do insurance companies say about the Scooter Rack?

    We rang our friends at the NRMA to get their opinion. We spoke to Merla, Byron and Colleen at NRMA. They are all in different departments of NRMA. New Business, Claims and Underwriting.

    Here's what we discussed.

    Is the Scooter Rack covered by the standard car policy?

    The answer we got was YES.

    It is placed into the same classification as Roof Racks, Trailers and Bike Racks. This means that if for some reason, your scooter falls off the Scooter Rack and does damage to other peoples property, the Public Liability part of your vehicle policy would cover this event. It would also cover you in the event that parts broke off the Scooter Rack (about as much chance as the Moon colliding with Earth), and did damage to other peoples property.

    However, your Scooter would NOT be covered under the Motor Vehicles policy. To get insurance on YOUR scooter, your need to have a Home Contents Policy in place and then ask for extras such as "Portable Item" coverage. Our understanding is that if you DO have this Policy Extra, your Scooter is covered as well as any damage you do to other people and their property while you are driving around ON your scooter (not on the Scooter Rack).

    Obviously, we are NOT insurance brokers and don't work in the insurance industry so the above information should only be used as a guide to the use of your Scooter Rack. Ultimately you must confirm with YOUR insurance company that you would be protected as described in the events above.

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