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What is sap certificate

what is sap certificate

1. Import certificate into SAP BW

  1. Binary import cert.der into SAP BW with STRUSTSSO2

Log into SAP BW and run STRUSTSSO2

Make sure that cert.der is imported Binary into System PSE

  • Add the certificate to the certificate list

    Click button "Add to Certificate List"

    Check certificate list to make sure it is in the list ("CN=palmtree" in

    below example)

  • Add the certificate to ACL

    Click button "Add to ACL" to add the certificate to the Access Control List

    Enter System ID - This System ID will be used in BI4.0 CMC for setup of SAP SSO Service

    Enter Client - Client has to be 000

    Make sure that you SAVE all changes made with STRUSTSSO2 transaction!!

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