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What is SAS 70-2 certification?


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The SAS 70 audit process includes an in-depth audit examination of the effectiveness of a service organization's internal controls. A SAS 70 audit is very important to public companies in the US that are required to comply with the terms of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002. Online Tech's audit process, along with our HIPAA compliance, offers all clients at each data center the following competitive benefits:
  1. Assurance that the internal controls within the data center are in place, are suitably designed, and are operating effectively.
  2. Assurance that physical access, IT infrastructure, data and network are secured against certain threats.
  • Assurance that the data center's control policies and procedures have been evaluated and reviewed by an independent third party.
  • Confidence that colocating with a data center operator that has undergone a SAS 70 audit provides clients the ability to assure their own customers that their data and information is secure, helping them keep, attract, and build their business.

  • Online Tech has learned

    a lot in completing the SAS 70 audit process and has plans to share the hard-earned knowledge gained with other Michigan businesses. Many of our clients are able to spare themselves the auditing process and expense by outsourcing their data centers to Online Tech's SAS 70 audited data centers.

    Feel free to email us at or call us at 734-213-2020 to get more information.

    Online Tech is a Managed Data Center Operator and we recently completed our SAS 70 audit for all three of our data centers here in Michigan. We made the move because a number of our MSPs and hosting partners needed SAS 70 compliance to serve their customers which are public companies. With our SAS 70 audit in place, our clients can now position themselves as running from a SAS 70 data center - in fact we even created a SAS70 logo for our partners to leverage in their marketing. We also just wrote an article on our experience - "5 Tips for Surviving a SAS-70 Audit" - see -

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