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What Is Scrum Certification?

what is scrum certification

A 1986 article in the Harvard Business Review compared successful software development teams to a rugby "scrum", in which each team member has assigned duties and must push forward for the success of the team. In 1993, Jeff Sutherland established the "Scrum" methodology for project management. Today, project managers who follow the Scrum methods can take an exam to become "Certified Scrum Masters."

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Scrum Certification Exams

The Certified Scrum Master, or CSM, online exam consists of 35 multiple-choice questions. Exam-takers must answer at least 24 of the questions correctly to fulfill the Scrum Master certification requirements. Project managers who pass the exam will be asked to accept the license agreement and fill out a Scrum Alliance membership profile. Those who do not pass the test will be shown the questions they missed but not the correct answers. These exam-takers can retake the test within 90 days at no additional cost.

Types of Scrum Certification

Project managers can choose to achieve the CSM certification, as well as the Certified Scrum Product Owner and Certified Scrum Developer certifications. After completing one of these certifications, the manager can choose to become a Certified Scrum Professional by attaining Scrum Educational

Units and passing an exam. Managers with a deep familiarity with Scrum methods can choose to become either a Certified Scrum Coach or Certified Scrum Trainer, which allows them to teach other professionals seeking Scrum certifications.

Scrum Certification Training

Prospective CSM certification candidates can learn about the Scrum approach to project management through a wide range of books and online sources, both through the Scrum Alliance site and through third-party training class providers. CSM training classes usually last two days and teach students about the foundations of the Scrum methodology. The class materials typically cover such project management topics as the roles of each team member, the principles of Agile software development and the tools to conduct Scrum meetings.

Advantages of Scrum Certification

CSM certification can make a candidate much more marketable in the highly competitive IT industry. A CSM can often find work in software project management, either as an in-house project manager or as an independent consultant. These jobs can come with salaries ranging from $70,000 to $100,000 a year or more. Scrum Master training and certification also allows members access to the community of Scrum users, who offer continuing support and an array of resources for improved performance.

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