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Pattern Approval Certificate

what is sgs certificate

Russian pattern approval certificate services from SGS – ensures that your measuring instruments conform to applicable standards and are approved for use in Russia.

When operating in Russia, you need to ensure that your measuring instruments comply with the required regulations. Our pattern approval certificate services can help you to achieve the pattern approval certificate for measuring instruments.

Why use pattern approval certificate services from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Achieve the pattern approval certificate for measuring instruments to show compliance with applicable standards 
  • Gain approval for the use of your products in the Russian territory
  • Fulfill the pre-requisite for obtaining the RTN permit to use
  • Ensure that your measuring instruments and their operational documents are properly marked

Pattern approval certificate services from a trusted world leader

As the world’s leading certification company, we provide unrivaled experience in Russian certification requirements. As a result, we can offer you the resources and expertise to help you obtain the pattern approval certificate you need to access Russian markets.

We offer you:

  • Expertise in international and Russian standards – we can help you reconcile the two systems quickly and effectively
  • A unique global reach with offices in all major countries – we can manage complex projects involving a number of parties and

    countries, providing a local service in the local language for you, your clients, partners and suppliers – all over the world

  • Expert Russian certification advice – we can help you avoid potential delays, speed up the Russian pattern approval certification process and optimise your costs
  • Up-to-date knowledge on the Russian pattern approval certification process – so you are in compliance with the very latest changes
  • A worldwide reputation for integrity, transparency and impartiality – that is why we are the first choice for clients across the globe requiring trusted pattern approval certificate services

Our pattern approval certificate services include:

  • Expert review of technical documentation (whether the device is a measurement instrument liable to pattern approval or not)
  • Arrangement of testing for your measuring instruments in an accredited testing center

Contact us today to find out how our pattern approval certificate services can help ensure your measuring instruments are approved for the use in the Russian territory.

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