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What is sora certification

what is sora certification


I have been asked many times, "what is SORA?" or

"Why do I need a SORA certification?"

SORA (Security Officer Registration Act) was enacted into law in 2005

It requires that all security companies and the officers they hire be licensed by the State of NJ. In addition, the officers now need to meet minimum standards and have their initial training done by State Certified Instructors.

SECURITY OFFICERS are now the first line in homeland security!

A State Licensed Security Officer cannot have a criminal record nor a history of drug abuse. He or she is fingerprinted and his (or her) record is checked by the New Jersey State Police Private Detective Unit.

After getting a temporary license the applicant

can work for 30 days but must be fingerprinted and complete 24 hours of intensive training during that 30 day period in order to secure their license.

Currently only those officers working for Security Companies need to be licensed but many companies are requiring (or requesting) SORA certification even if it is not currently mandatory. Why? Because they know the person they are hiring has been checked and trained. Today's security officer is a professional and not just someone off the street who couldn't get a job anywhere else.

SORA Certified and licensed officers are given training in:

Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism

Use of Force

Cargo Theft and Theft Prevention

First Aid, CPR & AED familiarization

Report Writing

Ethics and Professional Conduct

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