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How Insurance Usually Works With Jewelry Robberies

how does jewelry insurance work

Your homeowners policy might not cover stolen jewelry.

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According to a report in the New York Times, the vast majority of insurance claims relating to jewelry are for theft or "mysterious loss." Most claims don't result in full replacement value, however, because owners make assumptions about their policies that aren't accurate. Insurance usually pays only a limited amount unless you have a special policy or have added coverage to your homeowners insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

Many people insure their valuables, such as jewelry, on their homeowners policy, but this has some significant disadvantages. Your homeowners insurance only covers jewelry that's in your home. If you're traveling and

it's stolen from your hotel room, or if you're mugged on the street, lost valuables are not usually covered. Worse, your homeowners insurance may only cover the contents of your home up to 50 percent of your property's value. For example, if your home is insured for $350,000, you probably have $175,000 in coverage for its contents. This is a general umbrella, however, and many insurers place limits on specific items – such as jewelry. The limit might be only $1,000, so if a $10,000 ring is stolen, your claim will only recoup 10 percent of its value, assuming the theft occurs in your home. If not, you probably have no coverage at all.

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