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What about insurance for flood risk properties?

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Recent weather events and the accompanying media coverage have confirmed that flooding is an increasingly high profile issue that is affecting properties across the UK. Making home buyers and lenders aware of the risk is an important element of conveyancing due diligence. Simply highlighting a risk, however, is not enough and can lead to unnecessary delays in a transaction or it falling through altogether.

The Homecheck Professional Flood Report from Landmark highlights what risk exists and provides advice about next steps to mitigate against it. In addition to suggested resistance measures and costs, STL is delighted to advise that report now also promotes an insurance broker that will provide a quote to protect any property against the risk of flood. This information could be used to negotiate or renegotiate the selling price and help a transaction proceed,

whilst ensuring that you are:

  • offering the best possible client care
  • fully investigating all issues that may impact on the property’s value or your client’s enjoyment of it

A Homecheck Professional Flood Report will confirm the ‘insurability’ of the property based on the level of flood risk in the area and will promote ‘Insure my IIGLU’ who will guarantee (based on standard terms) to beat the lender’s home insurance quote on the property (where risk is low) and will guarantee to always offer a quote even in high risk areas.

For more information about the Homecheck Professional Flood Report. including pricing and volume discounts, please contact us today .

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