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What is tail insurance

what is tail insurance

How do I cancel my insurance?

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Tail coverage does not cover claims for events that occur during the tail coverage period. A physician requires malpractice tail insurance if his employer offers claims-made insurance only to ensure coverage for claims relating to past professional negligence. If a physician is covered by occurrence-based insurance, he does not need tail insurance because such insurance coverage is seamless even when moving to a different practice. The costs for tail coverage can be quite high for a physician and it is important for the physician to negotiate with an employer so that the employer pays for the coverage or part of it.

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Fiduciary liability insurance pays the insured the legal liability arising from claims of imprudence on the part of firms that supply employee benefit plans, pension plans, group

life insurance plans, medical expense plans and retirement benefits, according to InsureNewMedia. In this case, the insured are fiduciary companies, their employees, sales staff and trustees or employer sponsors of various employee benefit plans.

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The cost of builder's risk insurance varies greatly, depending on factors such as the size and value of the project being insured, its location and other factors. Risk insurance protects builders financially from property and liability losses sustained on building projects, according to Square One Insurance.

What costs are associated with title insurance?

The costs associated with title insurance may include the title search costs, closing costs and the cost of the insurance policy itself, according to The services included in title insurance may vary from one state to another, and the costs vary accordingly.

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