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UK Tax Clearance Certificate required for Irish C2 Certificate

what is tax clearance certificate

28 Oct 2009 / By whiteandco

My Client, an incorporated company with 3 director/shareholders, has won a contract in Ireland.  So that 35% of the value of the contract is not deducted at source, they have to obtain a C2 Certificate and have instructed a firm of Irish Accountants to act for them.  These Accountants have sent the application forms for RTC and C2 certificates which require the provision of a tax clearance certificate verifying the company has been compliant with all its taxes for the past three years and that all taxes are fully paid up to date.  A certificate is also required for each of the directors and any shareholders with a holding of 15% or more.  I have been asked to obtain the tax clearance certificate for the company.

Knowing how our tax system worked, I couldn't think who to contact to obtain this certificate.  I asked the Irish Accountants what other UK firms have provided and they were rather vague and said they thought it was a letter.  They then telephoned one of their UK offices who seemed to confirm my opinion that certificates would have to be obtained from each of the

different tax departments.

I have spent about 3 days on the telephone trying to find out how I could obtain such a certificate, having 'phoned all the different HMRC departments (VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax and International) as well as various Government bodies, such as BERR, UKTI, BusinessLink etc. but no-one seems to know what I am talking about.

In the end, in desperation, I telephoned the Irish Tax Office to find out what is normally submitted and they were adament this is in a form of a single letter giving the required tax compliance clearance and that they had processed hundreds of these.  I asked if the letters had a letter reference number or whether they could give me the name of a UK Agent that dealt with this, but they either couldn't or wouldn't.

I am at a loss to know where to go to next.  I have searched the Internet for someone advertising this in the UK, but have only come across Irish Agents.  The only tax compliant application form I have been able to find is for Inheritance Tax.  Can anyone out there please help me.

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