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I know that I could have probably muddled through on my own.

Thank you for your e-book "How to Teach English Abroad" I followed your week by week instructions and methods and the whole experience of finding and obtaining a teaching position in Zhengzhou [China] was completed very smoothly. I know that I could have probably muddled through on my own but your advice was so clear and concise, that I just couldn't go wrong.

Thank you very much!

Best wishes,

-- M G Birch

At first, I thought the modules were very

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I was concerned about the quality of the education, because the course was so cheap.

I was surprised by the amount of materials and information I was given, I had originally thought I could breeze through it all but I was wrong. The course was very challenging and I truly feel I got my money's worth and learned a new skill.

It was a good education. Ive never done one of the other courses (the ones that cost several thousand dollars) but I have a feeling the quality of education of TEFL Bootcamp was just as good.

I was a little concerned the course might be too

difficult, but it wasn't at all, and I am glad I took the course.

I liked the many examples in the e-books, I also like the search for jobs is very easy and free, you don't even have to take the course to see TEFL jobs you can apply for. Other TEFL online sites you have to pay to see the job listings first.

Also I enjoyed Ted telling me what parts I needed to work on even after I passed the exam, I thought I would get an e-mail just saying either I passed or not passed. It shows you actually looked at my work and took it into consideration.

And even more…

It is not an easy, whip through it course.

I would recommend TEFL Boot Camp. If someone is serious about improving their English skills, and is interested in teaching ESL/EFL it will give them a good starting spot. It is not an easy, whip through it course, but an in depth basic education course. If one does it right and Reads / Studies and Thinks about all the provided material it can be of great value to the individual.

The material is covered in depth. I could see no reason to spend the money most places were looking for to get an entry-level certification. After taking the course, I still don't.

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