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How does medical insurance deductible work

how does medical insurance deductible work

How does high deductible health insurance work ?

After not having any health insurance or major issues for the last 20+ years, and because Im 50 with assets I would prefer not to lose, and because I guess it will become law and involve fines in the future, I went ahead & bought the cheapest plan that Blue Cross of Alabama offers.

$3250 per calender year, then a 20% copay after $3250 u to a $5000 per calender year maximum out of pocket. I think.

And, apparently I get one free Dr visit per year in exchange for my $2088 per year.

My questions:

Do I automatically get BCBSs negotiated rates for Dr's visits, blood work and expensive medical costs like heart issues.

How, exactly, does the deductible work in the real world. That is, if I have a heart attack, is the hospital going to demand that I pay $3250 upfront to cover my deductible or will I be allowed to pay my part over time.

Apparently, BCBS only covers me for 90 days a time scripts. I

prefer to get 6 months at a time because everything I take is cheap anyway (and cheaper 6 months at a time) and I don't have to worry about refills and running out.

Does that mean that none of ny scripts will count toward my deductible or half will.

Are both my every 6 month Dr visits covered since I only go because the Dr says I have to in order to get my meds and check my liver fuction & cholesterol levels. (Cholesterol levels are rising as apparently the Zocor isn't working anymore)

I looked into a health savings account but the the amount they pay .15% is so low, Im not sure its worth bothering.

What kind of tax savings do they provide for a retired person with little income/expenses. Is using their stupid debit cards required.

Im relatively healthy but heart disease runs in my family so a heart attack is a near certainty. Only question is when.


How does high deductible health insurance work ?

You do get the negotiated rates.

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