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What is the Best Disability Insurance?

There is so much conflicting information out there about Disability Insurance. Different salesmen give their pitch on why their insurance company is better than their competitors. Misinformation, misconceptions, and misleading statements can leave one feeling confused, unsure, overwhelmed, and paralyzed to make a decision.

This site was created to provide a source of objective, non-biased, third-party information on Disability Insurance. It is recommended that a decision to buy a disability insurance product should be based on the ACTUAL contracts.

Understanding the details of a disability insurance contract is difficult, even for professionals. This site is designed to help highlight the important differences between

disability insurance contracts to help the public make informed and well-educated decisions on what is best for them.

This site will continually be updated as continual changes are made to the different insurance company contracts in the industry.

Please send us your questions on any topic you cannot find the answer to here!

NOTICE : This site does not solicit the sale of disability insurance products.  It simply provides objective evaluations and access to specimen disability insurance contracts.  This site may provide leads to objective insurance brokers for further information, quotes, or applications only if requested through the “Get a Quote ” page.

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