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What Is The Average Cost For A Medicare F Supplement?

what is the cost for medicare

Jason Goldenzweig PRO

Co-Founder,, Goldenzweig Financial Group, Haymarket, Virginia

Great question. I can't really give a number to say is the average cost of a Medicare Supplement Plan F because the price of a policy depends on several factors - your age, your gender, your zip code, and whether you use tobacco products. Each carrier also charges a different rate even though the coverage is exactly the same for Medicare Supplement Plan F (Medicare Supplement plans are standardized).

Typically you can figure the price range to be somewhere around $120-$150 per month for the lowest cost option in a given zip code if you're a male in your 60's - a female in her 60's may be in the range of $80-$120 per month. Someone in their 70s or 80s is probably going to be in the neighborhood of $200+ per month.

An example regarding the zip code aspect, a 65 year old male in the Washington DC area (let's assume zip code 20016) would be $127 per month with United Healthcare - a 65 year old male in Houston, Texas (let's assume zip code 77071) would be $149 per month with United Healthcare.

An example regarding my note about the carriers charging different rates for the same exact Medicare Supplement plan (using the 20016 zip code again) - United Healthcare charges $127 per month for a 65 year old male whereas Mutual of Omaha charges $194 per month for the exact same plan for the 65 year old male (no differences between the two carriers' Medicare Supplement plan benefits). Some areas United Healthcare may be cheaper

than Mutual of Omaha in and vice versa in other areas as well as other insurance companies. There are multiple options to choose from and you ideally want to secure the coverage with the lowest possible cost. Why pay more with one company than another for the same exact policy and benefits?

To determine what the costs are you're looking at for yourself specifically, I would need to know your age, gender, zip code, and whether you use any tobacco products - I would then be able to generate the quotes for you accordingly.

I would also consider looking at the rates for a Medicare Supplement plan G. It's exactly the same plan as plan F, but doesn't cover the Medicare Part B deductible which is only $147 in 2015. So if the difference in premiums is $20-$30+ per month, plan G can offer you substantial savings. Think "how much extra are you spending to protect against a risk of $147?" If the difference in premiums is $30 per month between the lowest cost option for plan F and the lowest cost option for plan G, that would mean you would be spending $360 per year to protect against a risk of $147. In that example, plan G would be more cost advantageous to you.

I hope the information is helpful - please feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail by clicking on the contact me button to discuss your coverage options in further detail and to go over any other questions you may have. Thanks very much.

Answered on May 29, 2015

Category: Insurance

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