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What is the meaning of health insurance

what is the meaning of health insurance


1. the branch of medical science that studies health and its preservation; hygiene.

1. a condition of poor health.

2. a state of being concerned with health, often excessively.

3. invalidism. — valetudinarian, n. adj.


  1. As clean and strong and healthy as a young tree in the sun —Hugh Walpole
  2. (Has a heart) as sound as a bell —William Shakespeare
  3. Drug addiction is like a light that doesn’t shine —Cardinal John O’Connor, speaking at New York City ceremony to fight drug addiction, August 8, 1986
  4. Felt like the symptoms on a medicine bottle —George Ade
  5. (Looking) fit and taut as a fiddle —Robert Louis Stevenson
  6. (I feel as) fit as a bull moose —Theodore Roosevelt to newspaper reporters
  7. Fit as a fiddle —John Ray’s Proverbs

This is the most famous of the many “Fit as” comparisons. A modernized extension by novelist Geoffrey Wolff: “Fit as an electric fiddle.”

  • (You’re looking this morning as) fit as a flea —Henry James
  • Gobbled pills like a famished chicken pecking up corn —Dale Kramer
  • [Narrator’s father] gradually sank as if he had a slow leak —Oliver Sacks
  • Healthy as a kayaker —Richard Ford
  • Healthy as a steer —Thomas Zigal
  • A healthy body is the guest-chamber of the soul, a sick, its prison —Francis Bacon
  • Hones himself down [to stay in top physical condition] sharper than a Gillette blade —Norman Keifetz
  • It is better to lose health like a spendthrift than to waste it like a miser —Robert Louis Stevenson
  • No neurotic is cured, he merely substitutes one set of neuroses for another. Like a man who stops biting his fingernails only to start scratching his head —Margaret Millar
  • Pent-up resentment, aggression and hostility are as bad for health as constipation —George Garrett
  • Radiate health and good will like a red-hot stove —Robertson Davies
  • Sickness fell upon me like an April cloud —Edward Marsh
  • So far as ailments went, Uncle Horace was like an insatiable gardener confronted by a seedsman’s catalogue. He had only to get news of an untried specimen to have a go at it —Howard Spring
  • Sound as a bell of brass —Anon

    According to Larry Gottlieb, a one-time handicapper for the New York Morning Telegraph. this expression used to assay a thoroughbred up for sale is the most commonly used simile in racing circles. It was introduced in England during the nineteenth century.

  • Sound as a nut —Mazo De La Roche
  • Temperature as high as a tree —Mary Lee Settle
  • Unhealthy as the liver of a goose intended for pate —Israel Zangwill
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