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What is a Medicare P10 number?

The Medicare P10 number is a very important number for Medicare recipients. You may be surprised to learn the truth behind why it is called a P10 number. In any case, if you are a Medicare provider, you need to know your P10.

The Medicare P10 number is used to identify a person's Medicare provider. The actual term is Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN). P10 does not refer to any section or clause in American law. P10 is a more colloquial semi-abbreviation that refers to the PTAN (which sort of sounds like "PTEN," if PTEN were the abbreviation).

The PTAN was introduced by the National Supplier Clearinghouse, the organization that pulls together information on health care providers, in 2007. Before the PTAN, companies were identified by a

legacy or supplier number.

The PTAN was scheduled to be phased out in May 2008 and replaced by the NPI, or National Provider Identifier, though the PTAN is still used at times. However, in 2009, new laws required health care providers to use the PTAN, NPI and the last five digits of the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

The PTAN was introduced to allow health care providers to transmit patient information to various vendors (such as Medicare contractors, Regional Home Health Intermediaries and Medicare Administrative Contractors) with less confusion and miscommunication.

PTANs are used by patients and health care providers, but much less so by patients. Doctors and other health care providers can find a PTAN at, which is the National Supplier Clearinghouse website.

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