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What is the value of a five dollar silver certificate

what is the value of a five dollar silver certificate

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The 1935 Silver Certificate is one of the most popular notes among currency collectors. The history of these fascinating bills extends back to the 1800's. It was the Congressional Acts of 1878 and 1886 that authorized the printing of Silver Certificates - for a very specific reason.

In those days, the supply of silver coins was far less than the demand. Thus, the government came up with the idea of creating a paper certificate in order to create a more efficient method of silver exchange. The certificates were redeemable on demand, for an equal amount of silver bullion and coins. The amount that was redeemable depended upon the denomination of the note.

Silver Certificates were issued in both small and large-sizes. The 1935 series was one of the series of small-size notes. These small-size notes were issued in denominations of $ 1.00, $ 5.00 and $ 10.00. The 1935 series included only the $ 1.00 denomination and either 'F' or 'G' series (with no motto). In 1934, the obligation on the note was changed to read that it was redeemable for "One Dollar in Silver," not "One Silver Dollar," as had been the case

since the printing of the 1928 series silver certificate.

The value of a silver certificate is determined by several factors. These include the denomination of the note, the date or series, the serial number, and of course, the overall condition of the certificate, itself.

1935G Series - in circulated condition, it's probably valued at around $ 1.50 to $ 2.00. In uncirculated condition, the value would be a bit higher at around $ 7.00 to $ 8.00.

1935F Series -? in circulated condition, it's probably valued at around $ 1.25. In uncirculated condition, an unfolded, crisp note would be valued at around $ 5.00.

The 1935 silver certificate was one of the more common series of certificates that were printed. Thus, collectors seeking to add this particular note to their collection should be able to easily find it at various coin shows, online auctions, and estate sales.

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