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What is tpl insurance

what is tpl insurance

What's TPL?

nicolodeon said: 09-02-2009 09:19 AM

Re: What's TPL?

TPL = third party liability. Useful if you got into an accident where you hit a person. So for example, may nabangga ka tao tapos pinaospital mo at ikaw nagbayad. You can use the TPL claim to reimburse yung expenses mo pa-gamot dun sa tao. Say TPL coverage mo is 50K tapos ang nagastos mo sa pagamot dun sa tao is 15K so 15K lang ma-reimburse mo, hindi mo makuha buo 50K.

Re: What's TPL?

It depends, whether the premium you paid for includes the tpl or not. You should check your insurance policy on what your coverage inclusions are.

Re: What's TPL?

heuer77 said: 09-24-2009 02:56 PM

Re: What's TPL?


compulsory po ito ng government to get an insurance for the purpose of protecting the third party.

coverage will take care the rest. comprehensive also covers acts of god (flood, lightning, earthquake) for additional cost aside from what i have mentioned above.

The BANK requires to have your car enrolled in COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE as this is also your (mutual) protection against bad elements (carnappers, property damage). Dito kumikita ang dealership sa insurance kasi they can get as high as 25% doon sa OD/TH & BI/PD coverage mo

. Some banks (tied up with insurance companies) requires you to pay upfront or payable in x no of months. Most insurance companies now offers installment. Galingan mo na lang makipagbolahan kung pwedeng 12 months to pay hahahaha.

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