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What is under certificate of posting

what is under certificate of posting

Object in Issuing Certificates

The object in granting certificates of posting is to afford the public an assurance that letters and other articles entrusted to servants or messengers for posting have actually been posted. The grant of a certificate will not however. mean that letters and articles in respect of which the certificate is issued were fully prepaid with postage stamps, nor will it guarantee in any way the dispatch of the articles entered in the certificate on the same day, unless they are handed over well in time to catch the last dispatch of mails for the day for the particular destination concerned. It must be clearly understood that the articles in respect of which such certificates are issued are not registered and that they are treated in exactly in the same manner as if they had been posted in a letter box. In the event of loss, damage or delay, the certificates will confer no claim for compensation, nor do they furnish any proof of the nature of the contests.

Manner of obtaining

1) A certificate of posting may be obtained in respect of any Postal article for which a reciept is not given by the post office subject to

the following conditions, namely :-

the certificate of posting written in ink must be presented to an officer on duty at the post office along with the articles to be posted, during the hours fixed for the grant of such certificates;

the certificate must contain an exact copy of the addresses on the articles to which it relates and must have a postage stamp, or affixed there to in payment of the prescribed fee.

the actual number of articles in respect of which the certificate is required must be written in words at the foot of the certificate. No more than three articles should be entered in a single certificate and each certificate should be presented alongwith the articles entered in it.

2) The officer on duty will, after satisfying himself, obliterate the stamp(s) and impress the date stamp impressing against each entry made in the certificate of posting in the space provided for the purpose, indicate the time and date of posting and return the certificate to the persons presenting it. No form, which contains any over-writing, alteration or correction in the total number of articles, will however, be accepted by the Post Office.

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