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Unit Linked Insurance

what is unit linked insurance

Unit Linked insurance - is a universal life insurance, providing large personal investment and insurance covers.

One person (the primary insured) shall be covered by the basic insurance package, which includes life assurance and accident insurance cover for death. The insurance company offers a choice of additional insurance coverage, which includes life assurance, accident insurance and critical illnesses insurance. The primary insured can include additional insurance coverage for his family members.

Insurance premiums are invested in accordance with its investment program chosen from the list proposed by the insurance company.

Insured persons

for basic insurance – 0–60 years

additional life risk insurance – 14-64 years

accident insurance – 1-64 years

critical illness insurance – 16-55 years.

Sums Insured under the Basic Insurance:

Additional life assurance:

equal to premiums paid during the first insurance year, max EUR 1,000;

Accident insurance in case of death: equal to premiums paid during the first insurance year, max EUR 1,000;

Advantages of the Unit linked insurance:

  • invest and save;
  • you can choose what is your priority: insurance covers or investment;
  • you can change the investment program for free up to 4 times per insurance year;
  • reliable mutual funds with high ratings;
  • no strict periodic schedule of premiums;
  • one contract can cover members of the primary insured’s family;
  • upon the accidental death of the primary insured the compensation shall consist of the amount of life assurance, death from accident insurance amount and the accumulated capital;
  • tax allowances provide saving opportunities.

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