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Revolution R Enterprise Professional Certification

Demonstrate your expertise with the most sought after R-Analytics skills for the Enterprise

Revolution R Enterprise Professional Certification is the industry’s first certification on advanced analytics for big data using Revolution R Enterprise - the Big Data Big Analytics platform based on the R statistical programming language. Experts forecast a huge talent gap in advanced analytics in the coming years. At Revolution Analytics AcademyR, we are employing our industry expertise in advanced analytics to address this data science skills gap.

Revolution Analytics Certified Specialist

R is the most widely used statistical language today. It’s the #1 choice of data scientists with more than two million users worldwide. Offering high-performance, scalable, enterprise analytics, Revolution R Enterprise supports a variety of analytical capabilities including exploratory data analysis, model building and model deployment.

Candidates must prove their abilities in using Revolution

R Enterprise for industry ready advanced analytics projects. Click here to learn more .

Revolution Analytics Certification Examinations are scheduled as an online or onsite proctored exams. We recommend registration few weeks before to ensure your preferred date and time, but an advanced registration before 72 hrs is mandatory.

Onsite proctored: Revolution Analytics conducts the certification exam through a global network of kryterion sponsored testing centers. Click here to locate a center close to you.

Online proctored: This feature allows you to take the certification exam remotely using your own computer. Please look at the system requirements for this setup by clicking on the link. The exams are monitored by a proctor through the webcam that you are using for the exam.

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